Weddings & Special Events

The Bastide de la Veyriere is an idyllic location for your wedding, party or corporate event. The Villa’s three floors,  large reception rooms and spacious garden can be transformed to accommodate your needs. 


If you have dreamed of a wedding in the South of France, the Bastide de la Veyriere could be just the venue you are looking for. The stone house and rolling green hills provide a picturesque backdrop for a summer wedding in the garden. Whether you choose to hold the ceremony in a beutiful local church or in the Villa garden, the spacious layout of the Bastide can be tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Team Meetings & Offsites

The Bastide de la Veyriere is an ideal get away for meetings and team building offsites. Take advantage of all that the Villa and surrounding sites have to offer while tapping in to the energy of the Sophia Annapolis technology center, located just a few minutes away.

For more information about weddings, parties, team meetings and offsites, please contact: 

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Paul de Quant
Phone number: +33 7 77 36 74 02


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